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Travel Experiences Quo vade China? (Reflections about a Giant)
Posted by spainsun on Thursday, January 01, 1970 (02:33:25) (3575 reads)

Well, well, well, three weeks in the Kingdom of the Middle won’t make a Sinology scholar out of me but even a mere sniff at the Chinese culture at its home will add a lot of perspective to any knowledge gleaned from the dry pages of books and news articles.

I will never be able to claim I did more than scratch the outermost layer in which the Chinese culture keeps itself wrapped away from the eyes of the curious Western intruder but I’m certainly more savvy and less apprehensive of the Chinese peril now than before I left .

Wrote By Corneliu Cazacu.

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Travel Experiences Pushkar - The City of Gods. India
Posted by spainsun on Thursday, January 01, 1970 (02:33:24) (5342 reads)

Text & Photos: Corneliu Cazacu.

Pushkar, the second holiest of the Hindu places of worship after Varanasi (although some might deny the holy city on the Ganges its spiritual supremacy) cast an aura of mystery and spirituality from the very moment I set foot on Sunset Point.

I had arrived at the best possible time of the day – dusk – when the golden dial of the sun falls with tremenduous speed behind the Maharajah´s palace by the opposite shore of the lake, when the chanting drums fill the incense-laden air with a pounding, trance-inducing rhythm, holy men wander through the pilgrim crowds to give them their holy blessings, and writings in an unknown language on the old house walls are made to glisten by the sunset light.

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Travel Experiences Family explores the wonders of the Amazonas rain forest
Posted by Anonymous on Thursday, January 01, 1970 (02:33:22) (1687 reads)

March 18, 2002

MANAUS, Brazil – From our hotel, it was just a 20-minute ride by motorized longboat to the thatched huts of the Tarino Indian village deep in the Amazonas rain forest, but it seemed as if we had been transported back in time to another millennium. Listen to the tribal chief, through an interpreter, explaining some Tarino customs:

Note: Somebody sent us this history ...

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