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Photo-Gallery of Maldives Islands

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Photo Gallery Maldives Islands
Galería de Fotos Maldivas

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 Pictures of Maldives Islands: beaches, islands, the city of Male, scuba, diving, dhoni ships...

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Go to big photo: Divers in Maldives Islands   Divers in Maldives Islands
  Author: M. Karschau
  Text: SCUBA in the wonderful Maldivas reciffs. More pictures in our Sumbmarine photo gallery.
Go to big photo: The dhoni bus- Maldives   The dhoni bus- Maldives
  Author: M. Karschau
  Text: Beautiful blue dhoni, just one more of the many curios water buses of Malé. They are great. This wooden dock is of exclusive usage of the president!
Go to big photo: Dhoni, tipical Maldivian boat- Maldives   Dhoni, tipical Maldivian boat- Maldives
  Author: M. Karschau
  Text: Dhonis have been and are the main mean of transportation for people and goods. They are made of wood and have peculiar bows.
Go to big photo: Boat lines on deck- Maldives   Boat lines on deck- Maldives
  Author: M. Karschau
  Text: Maldivians use natural fiber lines for anchoring and mooring moor their boats .
Go to big photo: Relax and enjoy- Maldives   Relax and enjoy- Maldives
  Author: M. Karschau
  Text: One of the multiple island-resort, the rooms literally float over the Indian Ocean.
Go to big photo: Under construction- Maldives   Under construction- Maldives
  Author: M. Karschau
  Text: Global warming, forthere rising sea levels forces sand movement to avoid islands from disappearing. Maximum height above sea level es 2,4 meters.
Go to big photo: Indian Sunset- Maldive   Indian Sunset- Maldive
  Author: M. Karschau
  Text: In latitudes near the Equator the sun does not set, it just drops.
Go to big photo: Sunset- Maldives   Sunset- Maldives
  Author: M. Karschau
  Text: Another movement of a never ending simphony.
  Total Pictures: 36   Pag. Index << 1 2 3 4 5 >>

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