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Photo-Gallery of Jordan

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Photo Gallery Jordan
Galería de Fotos Jordania

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 Photos of a Trip in 2005 in Jordan: Petra, Amman, Jerash, Wadi Ram Desert, Mt. Nebo, Madaba, Karak, desert castles...

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Go to big photo: Urn  Tomb -Petra- Jordan   Urn Tomb -Petra- Jordan
  Author: A. De Cara
  Text: This is the only building that can be compared with the Monastery or The Treasury.
Go to big photo: Bedouin Policeman -Petra- Jordan   Bedouin Policeman -Petra- Jordan
  Author: A. De Cara
  Text: Policeman with colorful uniform.
Go to big photo: Colonnaded Street -Petra- Jordan   Colonnaded Street -Petra- Jordan
  Author: A. De Cara
  Text: It is part of the Roman remains of Petra.
Go to big photo: The Monastery -Petra- Jordan   The Monastery -Petra- Jordan
  Author: Eva Moreno
  Text: Another view of the Monastery, with the Jordan's flag.
Go to big photo: Wadi Rum Desert - Jordan   Wadi Rum Desert - Jordan
  Author: A. De Cara
  Text: Wadi Ram Desert (also knowed as Wady Run) is symphony of reds and oranges of shattered and eroded sandstone in fantastic shapes.
Go to big photo: Ancien Painting -Wadi Ram- Jordan   Ancien Painting -Wadi Ram- Jordan
  Author: A. De Cara
  Text: It's just one giant sandy history museum. Nearly every valley, mountainside and watering hole has Thamudic, Safaitic, Nabataean, Greek or Arabic graffiti litter the cliff faces, with hunting scenes adorns cave walls. There are rudimentary stone age shelters scattered throughout the gorges and, near Jabal Rum.
Go to big photo: Well of Lawrence of Arabia -Wadi Ram- Jordan   Well of Lawrence of Arabia -Wadi Ram- Jordan
  Author: A. De Cara
  Text: The desert of the Wadi Rum is 290 kms south of the Jordan's capital, Amman, or 40 kms north of Aqaba (Red Sea).
Go to big photo: Caravan in the desert -Wadi Ram- Jordan   Caravan in the desert -Wadi Ram- Jordan
  Author: A. De Cara
  Text: Our little caravan grew self-conscious, and fell dead quiet, afraid and ashamed to flaunt its smallness in the presence of the stupendous hills - TE Lawrence - Seven Pillars of Wisdom.
  Total Pictures: 53   Pag. Index << 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 >>

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