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Photo-Gallery of USA Florida

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Photo Gallery USA Florida
Galería de Fotos USA Florida

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 Pictures of Travels in Florida: Florida, Miami, Orlando, Los Cayos, Islamorada, NASA, Disneyland, Parques, MGM, Coral Gables, Palm Beach, Ocean Drive...

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Go to big photo: Miami's Downtown.   Miami's Downtown.
  Author: Paco T. - Ilusionado
  Text: In search of the famous mansions of appreciating the tall buildings of Downtown Miami, still expanding.
Go to big photo: Ocean Drive in the morning - Miami   Ocean Drive in the morning - Miami
  Author: Paco T. - Ilusionado
  Text: The Art Deco district is around Ocean Drive, where the best showcases of this European architectural style passed through the sieve colourful tropical.
Go to big photo: Mansion of a famous Latin near the Bayside.   Mansion of a famous Latin near the Bayside.
  Author: Paco T. - Ilusionado
  Text: The last time latins have lavished on acquiring mansions near the Port of Miami.
Go to big photo: Apollo Saturn Center - NASA   Apollo Saturn Center - NASA
  Author: Paco T. - Ilusionado
  Text: Parts of a rocket Apollo.
Go to big photo: Cinderella's Castle - Disney World - Orlando   Cinderella's Castle - Disney World - Orlando
  Author: Paco T. - Ilusionado
  Text: Looking down from the castle seems to us enormous. In fact can be seen almost anywhere in the park.
Go to big photo: Islamorada's Bayside - Los Cayos   Islamorada's Bayside - Los Cayos
  Author: Paco T. - Ilusionado
  Text: Islamorada is reputed to be the capital of world fisheries. Not for nothing is a nature reserve that offers it all fishing for scuba diving.
Go to big photo: The famous Seven Miles Bridge - Los Cayos   The famous Seven Miles Bridge - Los Cayos
  Author: Paco T. - Ilusionado
  Text: Besides this bridge, the most famous, the road is supported by 41 others sustained spor giant arches of concrete and steel. And on both sides, and the deep blue sea.
Go to big photo: Miami's palms.   Miami's palms.
  Author: Paco T. - Ilusionado
  Text: Palms in Miami.
La palmera es el árbol típico de Miami. Un adinerado se enamoró de ellas en un viaje a África y compró las primeras para plantarlas en Miami.
  Total Pictures: 62   Pag. Index 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 >>

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