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Photo-Gallery of Bulgaria

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Photo Gallery Bulgaria
Galería de Fotos Bulgaria

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 Pictures of Travels in Bulgaria: Sofia, Varna, Rila, Shipka, Veliko Tarnovo, Ivanovo, Nassebar...

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Go to big photo: Rock monastery in Aladja   Rock monastery in Aladja
  Author: Isa - Popu79
  Text: The Aladja rock monastery is situated only a few kilometers of Varna. The name of Aladja monastery comes from the Turkish word for colourful due most probably to the bright colours of its wall paintings. This paintings dating to the early Middle Ages
Go to big photo: Nativity church of Arbanassi   Nativity church of Arbanassi
  Author: Isa - Popu79
  Text: Nativity Church is the earliest Arbanassi church.The painting was completed between 1632 and 1649
Go to big photo: Village located at the foot of Pirin   Village located at the foot of Pirin
  Author: Isa - Popu79
  Text: The Bulgarian Evangelical Church Community, the first Protestant church in Bulgaria, was founded in Bansko in 1868. In the picture we can see the Church of the Trinity, built in 1835
Go to big photo: Batchkovo monastery   Batchkovo monastery
  Author: Isa - Popu79
  Text: Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the monastery dates from 1083. Inside you can see represented Aristoteles, Sophocles, Diogenes, and Mileto Anaxímenes of Aristophan
Go to big photo: Ethnographic museum  in Etara   Ethnographic museum in Etara
  Author: Isa - Popu79
  Text: Is an open- air museum near Gabrovo. It represents the lifestyles of the artisans during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
Go to big photo: Town situated at the foot of the Balkan mountains   Town situated at the foot of the Balkan mountains
  Author: Isa - Popu79
  Text: This city is known as an international capital of humour and satire
Go to big photo: Ancient roman town of Augusta ,nowadays Hisarya   Ancient roman town of Augusta ,nowadays Hisarya
  Author: Isa - Popu79
  Text: Many Roman ruins are still visible everywhere - public buildings, a small amphitheatre, the barracks of the Roman garrison, the foundations of a couple of the oldest churches in Bulgaria
Go to big photo: Church of Ivanovo   Church of Ivanovo
  Author: Isa - Popu79
  Text: Situated in the village of Ivanovo.
  Total Pictures: 61   Pag. Index << 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 >>

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