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Photo-Gallery of Finland

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Photo Gallery Finland
Galería de Fotos Finlandia

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 Trip in Finland: Helsinki, Turku, Savonlinna, Suomenlinna, Lakeland Region...

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Go to big photo: Lutheran Cathedral -Helsinki- Finland   Lutheran Cathedral -Helsinki- Finland
  Author: A. De Cara
  Text: The Lutheran Cathedral was built in 1830-1852 to replace an earlier church from 1727. The church is Greek cruciform in shape, and was designed in the neoclassical style originally by Carl Engel.
Go to big photo: Modern Architecture - Kiasma Museum -Helsinki- Finland   Modern Architecture - Kiasma Museum -Helsinki- Finland
  Author: A. De Cara
  Text: The city of Helsinki is a challenge among modern and neoclassical architecture, but without breaking the harmony.
Go to big photo: Uspenski Orthodox Cathedral -Helsinki- Finland   Uspenski Orthodox Cathedral -Helsinki- Finland
  Author: A. De Cara
  Text: Completed in 1868, it is the largest Orthodox cathedral in Western Europe. Designed by St Petersburg architect Gornostayev, the Byzantine-Slavonic cathedral is topped with a onion dome and its interior is decorated with icons. It was dedicated to the Virgin Mary and remains a testament to the Russian influence.
Go to big photo: Castle of Olavinlinna - Savonlinna - Finland   Castle of Olavinlinna - Savonlinna - Finland
  Author: A. De Cara
  Text: The eastern region is an area of interconnected lakes which is dominated by Lake Saimaa.There are more than 33,000 islands in this region. A network of waterways joins the lively Savo towns. Savonlinna is a interesting operation base and its medieval Olavinlinna Castle is the best preserved in Scandinavia.
Go to big photo: Design and Art of Finland   Design and Art of Finland
  Author: A. De Cara
  Text: In art and design, Finland is a country that it looks without complex to its Scandinavian neighbors.
Go to big photo: Lake Region of Finland or Finnish Lakeland   Lake Region of Finland or Finnish Lakeland
  Author: A. De Cara
  Text: Finland has 180.000 lakes, mos ofthem are situated between the coastal area and the eastern frontier covering an area some 100km wide. The lakes are a huge maze with their profusion of bays, headlands and islands.
Go to big photo: Cathedral of Turku - Finland   Cathedral of Turku - Finland
  Author: A. De Cara
  Text: Turku is first capital of Finland and the oldest city of the country. Medieval Turku Cathedral, dated from the 13th century, is the national shrine of the Lutheran Church in Finland.
Go to big photo: Docks in the Aura river -Turku- Finland   Docks in the Aura river -Turku- Finland
  Author: A. De Cara
  Text: Boats docked in the riverside. The river Aura provides us a pleasant walk.
  Total Pictures: 32   Pag. Index 1 2 3 4 >>

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