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Photo-Gallery of Egypt Old

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Photo Gallery Egypt Old
Galería de Fotos Egipto Antiguas

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 Old Pictures of Egypt: Cairo, Kings Valley, Alexandria, Pyramids, Guizeh, Abu Simbel, Elephantina

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Go to big photo: Street scene in Cairo   Street scene in Cairo
  Author: M2ra
  Text: Pretty illustration of one tends in a street anyone we can see as them at the moment
Go to big photo: Suez Canal   Suez Canal
  Author: M2ra
  Text: Boats happening through the Suez Channel, inaugurated in year 1869, bridge of union between Africa and Asia
Go to big photo: The Rameseum   The Rameseum
  Author: M2ra
  Text: View of the osiride columns of the temple of Rameses II
Go to big photo: Temple of the Sphinx of Gizeh   Temple of the Sphinx of Gizeh
  Author: M2ra
  Text: To many they date it studies in the same period from construction that esfinge with the same type of rock
Go to big photo: Tomb of Mariette   Tomb of Mariette
  Author: M2ra
  Text: Like tribute to that great egiptólogo (with all the failures that we want), the tomb of Mariette. Perhaps much than we see now we must him, to its terquedad, its insistence and to its love by ancient Egypt
Go to big photo: Traveling on the Nile   Traveling on the Nile
  Author: M2ra
  Text: One of the initiators of the present cruises by the Nile and Nasser
Go to big photo: Town flooded near pyramids   Town flooded near pyramids
  Author: M2ra
  Text: An image that but equal, is repeated in many old books; flood near pyramids as the ancient ones lived Egyptian
Go to big photo: A wild confusion   A wild confusion
  Author: M2ra
  Text: Somebody wants to help in this one puzzle?
  Total Pictures: 72   Pag. Index << 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 >>

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