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Photo-Gallery of Niger

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Photo Gallery Niger
Galería de Fotos Niger

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 A trip in Niger: Niamey, Agadez, Tenere desert, the meeting with he bororo tribe, with the Tuareg...

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Go to big photo: Sunset over the river - Niamey -Niger   Sunset over the river - Niamey -Niger
  Author: A. Hernandez Alonso
  Text: Bridge over the hug Niger river near Niamey.
Go to big photo: Fossilized tree near Abalak   Fossilized tree near Abalak
  Author: Unknowed
  Text: One of the authors of this gallery with a fossil tree.
Go to big photo: Gereewol celebration or party - Bororo Tribe -Niger   Gereewol celebration or party - Bororo Tribe -Niger
  Author: Enric Masana
  Text: The Gereewol celebration provides a chance for men and women to meet and attract mates.
Go to big photo: Bororo Tribe or Woodabe -Niger   Bororo Tribe or Woodabe -Niger
  Author: Enric Masana
  Text: The Wodaabe (or Bororo) are a subgroup of the Fulani (Fula or Peul) ethnic group. The Wodaabe are traditionally nomadic cattle-herders and traders, with migrations stretching from southern Niger, through northern Nigeria, northeastern Cameroon, and the western region of the Central African Republic.
Go to big photo: Gereewol party - Bororo Tribe -Niger   Gereewol party - Bororo Tribe -Niger
  Author: Enric Masana
  Text: Gereewol takes the form of a series of dances, in which young Wodaabe men parade their beauty before the women of the tribe, who select the most appealing, judging them on their looks alone. The winners are rewarded with a night of love with the judges.
Go to big photo: Chain of dunes in Tenere desert   Chain of dunes in Tenere desert
  Author: A. Hernandez Alonso
  Text: The dunes in the west of the Tenere group in chains of several km of longitude, parallel and separate about 500mt among them.
Go to big photo: Nomadic Bororo Abalak (sahel)   Nomadic Bororo Abalak (sahel)
  Author: A. Hernandez Alonso
  Text: Sahel is the area on the south of Sahara Desert, a predesertic area.
Go to big photo: Tenere Desert Tree -Niger   Tenere Desert Tree -Niger
  Author: A. Hernandez Alonso
  Text: The New Tree of the Tenere is an important referencial for the caravans of camels. This metallic tree substituted a centennial acacia on which a truck driver shattered his truck and whose remains are exposed in the museum of Niamey.
  Total Pictures: 43   Pag. Index 1 2 3 4 5 6 >>

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