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Photo-Gallery of Libya

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Photo Gallery Libya
Galería de Fotos Libia

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 Pictures of Travels in Libya: Tripoli, Ghadames, Nalut, Frezzan, Ghat, Leptis, Akakus, Sahara Desert, Tuareg...

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Go to big photo: Akakus, rocks floating in a sea of sand   Akakus, rocks floating in a sea of sand
  Author: Carlos Diaz Huertas
  Text: Ya no quedan muchas rocas , aunque la naturaleza compensa dándolas formas realmente complicadas. Parece que no faltan muchos cientos de años para que todo sea arena.
Go to big photo: Akakus, on late evening, a wonderful show   Akakus, on late evening, a wonderful show
  Author: Carlos Diaz Huertas
  Text: In silence, with no other people, feeling the evening fall, and the stars rising.
Go to big photo: Akakus, man selling Touareg handicrafts   Akakus, man selling Touareg handicrafts
  Author: Carlos Diaz Huertas
  Text: The same people, and the same handicraft sold in Tombouctou, 2000 km far. Very few distance for this enormous deserrt.
Go to big photo: Camels, for adventure tourist   Camels, for adventure tourist
  Author: Carlos Diaz Huertas
  Text: The second day traveling, near Gahadames, we saw free camels, but it was impossible to get near them. In this Akakus area, surviving is much more difficult, even for camels.
Go to big photo: Carlos and the sandstorm   Carlos and the sandstorm
  Author: Carlos Diaz Huertas
  Text: Suddenly, wind comes, and since that moment it becomes impossible doing nothing outside the car or the camping tent.
Go to big photo: Gigantic natural rock arch   Gigantic natural rock arch
  Author: Carlos Diaz Huertas
  Text: Between the cliffs of Akakus mountains, this enormous rock arch. There was strong wind, and in the desert, that means sand in your eyes, and while breathing.
Go to big photo: Petrogliph, drawings over the rock, from some thousand years ago   Petrogliph, drawings over the rock, from some thousand years ago
  Author: Carlos Diaz Huertas
  Text: Animals that live in this zone, when the earth climate, was more merciful, and this was an inhabitable zone.
Go to big photo: Dawn over the Akakaus hills   Dawn over the Akakaus hills
  Author: Carlos Diaz Huertas
  Text: wonderful sunrises, an even better here, between rocky hills.
  Total Pictures: 65   Pag. Index << 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 >>

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