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Photo-Gallery of Mongolia

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Photo Gallery Mongolia
Galería de Fotos Mongolia

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 Pictures of Travels in Mongolia: Gobi Desert, Landscapes of Mongolia

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Go to big photo: Transiberian next to russian border   Transiberian next to russian border
  Author: Dielopcas
  Text: Transmongolian runs along Selenge river
Go to big photo: Gobi deser   Gobi deser
  Author: Dielopcas
  Text: Gobi cover most part of southern Mongolia. Northern Mongolia is plenty of forest but the rest is a grass sea.
Go to big photo: Karakhorum   Karakhorum
  Author: Dielopcas
  Text: capital of Mongolian Empire.
Go to big photo: White Mountain National Park   White Mountain National Park
  Author: Dielopcas
  Text: National Park situated just between UB and Dalanzadgad
Go to big photo: Waterfall in Orkhon river   Waterfall in Orkhon river
  Author: Dielopcas
  Text: After one day trip you arrive from Gobi
Go to big photo: Orkhon river valley   Orkhon river valley
  Author: Dielopcas
  Text: world heritage Valley because the way of live of their people.
Go to big photo: Mongolian family   Mongolian family
  Author: Dielopcas
  Text: Gers are the way of life of Mongolian people even in most cities.
Go to big photo: Sunset in Gobi desert   Sunset in Gobi desert
  Author: Dielopcas
  Text: This National Park, no far away from Dlanzadgad is a good point to visit GObi desert
  Total Pictures: 23   Pag. Index 1 2 3 >>

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