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Photo-Gallery of Jordan

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Photo Gallery Jordan
Galería de Fotos Jordania

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 Photos of a Trip in 2005 in Jordan: Petra, Amman, Jerash, Wadi Ram Desert, Mt. Nebo, Madaba, Karak, desert castles...

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Go to big photo: The Monastery -Petra- Jordan   The Monastery -Petra- Jordan
  Author: A. De Cara
  Text: The Monastery is equally imposing, and if you climb to the top you'll get stunning views.
Go to big photo: Petra - The Treasury- Jordan   Petra - The Treasury- Jordan
  Author: A. De Cara
  Text: The capital of the Nabateans, a 3rd century BC Arab dynasty, Petra was forgotten for 1000 years and only rediscovered in 1812.
Go to big photo: Roman Forum of Jerash- Jordan   Roman Forum of Jerash- Jordan
  Author: Eva Moreno
  Text: The ruins at Jerash are one of Jordan's major attractions and have the advantage of being very accessible and compact. Jerash is also one of the best examples in the Middle East of a Roman provincial city, and is remarkably well preserved.
Go to big photo: Dead Sea - Jordan   Dead Sea - Jordan
  Author: A. De Cara
  Text: Salt's concentration in the Dead Sea is 32% (the salinity fluctuates somewhat) because of its unusually high concentration of salt, anyone can float in the Dead Sea easily . The water stings cuts and causes pain in contact with the eyes.
Go to big photo: Desert Castles - Qasr Al-Harraneh- Jordan   Desert Castles - Qasr Al-Harraneh- Jordan
  Author: A. De Cara
  Text: In the desert lies a string of castles, the work of the 7th-century Umayyad dynasty. Some were originally Roman buildings, and others date back to the Nabataeans.
Go to big photo: The Bedouins -Wadi Ram- Jordan   The Bedouins -Wadi Ram- Jordan
  Author: A. De Cara
  Text: Wadi Rum Desert is one of the most beautiful in the world. The Bedouins of the Wadi Rum still practice a semi-nomadic lifestyle, grazing their flocks of sheep and goats for months at a time before packing up their jaimas.
Go to big photo: The Roman Citadel - Amman - Jordan   The Roman Citadel - Amman - Jordan
  Author: A. De Cara
  Text: Its own hill, is the Roman citadel, the garrison for centurions. Most of the buildings are now rubble, but you can see Roman, Byzantine and Muslim architecture sharing the same site.
Go to big photo: Spices & Perfumes shops -Amman- Jordan   Spices & Perfumes shops -Amman- Jordan
  Author: A. De Cara
  Text: At the night, the downtown markets has a special atmosphere. Amman is a very safe and friendly town even on the night.
  Total Pictures: 53   Pag. Index 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 >>

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