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Photo-Gallery of Cambodia

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Photo Gallery Cambodia
Galería de Fotos Camboya

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 Pictures of a trip in Cambodia or Kampuchea the country of the Khmer Empire: Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Angkor ruins

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Go to big photo: Carlos Diaz, the author of this photogallery   Carlos Diaz, the author of this photogallery
  Author: Carlos Diaz Huertas
  Text: We are going to walk by one of the unknowed countries of Asia, Cambodia, by the hand of Carlos.
Go to big photo: Bayon highest tower - Angkor - Cambodia   Bayon highest tower - Angkor - Cambodia
  Author: Carlos Diaz Huertas
  Text: The same image, one God that sees everything, and looks to the four cardinal points appears in all levels, and in the higher one, just in the middle.
Go to big photo: Phnom Penh - National Museum   Phnom Penh - National Museum
  Author: Carlos Diaz Huertas
  Text: Entrance front of this museum sited near the river.
Go to big photo: Phnom Penh - Silver Pagoda   Phnom Penh - Silver Pagoda
  Author: Carlos Diaz Huertas
  Text: Closer with the floor covered with silver tiles, this pavilion keeps one image called the Jade’s Buddha, but of green glass.
Go to big photo: Phnom Penh stupa at the Royal Palace   Phnom Penh stupa at the Royal Palace
  Author: Carlos Diaz Huertas
  Text: Probably a it is a non very large stupa, but it’s stucco covered is completely carved with complicated designs.
Go to big photo: Children at Siem Reap   Children at Siem Reap
  Author: Carlos Diaz Huertas
  Text: They live over the lake’s waters, in huts with wood pillars, a non hospitable surrounding, but always playing with the other childs.
Go to big photo: Elephants Terrace -Angkor   Elephants Terrace -Angkor
  Author: Carlos Diaz Huertas
  Text: Wonderful carved elephants picking lotus flowers with their trunks, this design is repeated at several places all around the city.
Go to big photo: Giant trees growing over the ruins of Ta Prohm -Angkor- Cambodia   Giant trees growing over the ruins of Ta Prohm -Angkor- Cambodia
  Author: Carlos Diaz Huertas
  Text: During the centuries it was abandoned, the thick roots of the trees became owners of the temple, sometimes tumbling down it, sometimes becoming pillars that keep it straight
  Total Pictures: 39   Pag. Index 1 2 3 4 5 >>

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