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Photo-Gallery of China

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Photo Gallery China
Galería de Fotos China

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 China, one picture per day: Beijing, Great Wall, Xian, Shanghai, Chengdu, Datong, Pinyao, Suzhou, Xiahe, Tibet, Juizhaigou

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Go to big photo: Inner Mongolia,  - China   Inner Mongolia, - China
  Author: A. De Cara 2005
  Text: Mongolia viewed from the airplane. Sunrise on the mountains of Inner Mongolia. The trip starts the 7th of october 2005.
Go to big photo: Tiananmen Square - China   Tiananmen Square - China
  Author: A. De Cara 2005
  Text: After arriving at our hotel first visit it will be the famous square that you/they cheer up especially when falling the afternoon. It is a wide space designed for the outdoors acts.
Go to big photo: The Forbidden City -Beijing- China   The Forbidden City -Beijing- China
  Author: A. De Cara 2005
  Text: The immense complex of the Forbidden City is World Heritage. For the visit of their numerous buildings and museums it is necessary a whole day.
Go to big photo: The Great Wall -Simatai- China   The Great Wall -Simatai- China
  Author: A. De Cara 2005
  Text: Today we walk about 10 Kms. of trekking on the Great Wall. This areas is conserved in it primitive shape. This itinerary has some dangerous areas for its slope and the slippery surface.
Go to big photo: Summer Palace - Beijing - China   Summer Palace - Beijing - China
  Author: A. De Cara 2005
  Text: Today we spent the day to the summer palace and their exuberant gardens. Kuming Lake occupies two thirds of the complex. This place is crammed by Pekinese walkers on the weekend.
Go to big photo: Yonghe Lamasery or Harmony and Peace Palace Lamasery - Beijing   Yonghe Lamasery or Harmony and Peace Palace Lamasery - Beijing
  Author: A. De Cara 2005
  Text: It will be our main visit of the day. It is a slice of peace and tranquillity surrounded by a area of districts with traditional houses (hutong).
Go to big photo: Travelling by train - China   Travelling by train - China
  Author: Eva Moreno
  Text: Me making the clown in a train coach to Datong. The train is a comfortable way for travelling among cities, but it is necessary to reserve in advance.
Go to big photo: The hanging Temple -Xuankong Si- China   The hanging Temple -Xuankong Si- China
  Author: A. De Cara 2005
  Text: Frankly, it didn't surprise me. A trip of 125 kilometres, from Datong, with several changes in public transportations makes it not to be worthwhile to lose the day for going there. The price of the entrance -60Y- is disproportioned.
  Total Pictures: 32   Pag. Index 1 2 3 4 >>

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